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A Versatile Payment Solution

Crunch is a corporate payment solution which can be used for payroll, expense payments, general payouts and commission and incentive payments.


Instant access to funds

Cards can be loaded in real time allowing the cardholder instant access to funds wherever they are in the world


Available as either Visa or Mastercard® and as either a physical card or a virtual product, or both! *

* Regional restrictions apply

No up-front fees

We are able to offer extremely competitive pricing as we act as both programme manager and payment processor

The Crunch Card

The Crunch card is a corporate end-to-end payment solution. It has a large number of applications across a variety of different industries such as:

  • Payroll for seasonal migrant workers
  • Payroll for offshore workers
  • Corporate expense management
  • Insurance payouts
  • Affiliate payouts
  • Loan Payments
  • Micro finance operations
  • Commission payments
  • Network marketing organizations/Affiliate payment
  • Haulage company payments
  • Credit union payments
  • Virtual card online incentive programme rewards
  • Online payout and rewards system
  • Payroll for international removal company
  • Shipping and cruise liner payroll
The Crunch card offers a versatile solution for corporate payments. If you are looking for speed to market, then non-personalised Crunch cards are a great solution.


Employee Benefits

  • No need to cash cheques or pay high commission rates at currency exchange shops.
  • Make Internet purchases.
  • Instant access to funds on payday.
  • Account balance and transaction history via Internet, IVR, smartphone.
  • Share money with secondary cardholders instantly at low cost via the internet.
  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • Benefit from the safety features of chip and PIN cards.
  • Crunch prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted at over 2 million locations in the UK and 36 million locations worldwide

Corporate Benefits

  • Save money on BACS payments
  • Secure user portal for managing cardholders and transfers
  • Reduced risk and insurance costs due to holding less cash
  • No costly credit checks required
  • Make payments remotely
  • Easy expense management solution
  • Cashless solution for wages of seasonal workers
  • Multi-currency card, USD, GBP and EUR
  • Automated KYC solution
  • No cardholder bank account required
  • Option for own branded cards

Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International.

White Label/Co-brand Card

Enhance your brand’s image with your own logo and design on your prepaid Mastercard and/or Visa card, whilst retaining all the features of the Crunch-branded card.

All you need to do is to submit your artwork created by following the design guidelines and the Crunch team will manage the requirements, liaising with the issuing bank, Mastercard and/or Visa and the card manufacturer. The initial process takes only 2 to 3 months from when the artwork is submitted. Subsequent orders can then be generated within days.

Crunch White Label/Co-brand Card

Crunch Platform

The Crunch platform is a fully comprehensive, web-based, card and cardholder management platform for Crunch plastic and virtual cards which can be styled with your company logo. The platform is designed to be adaptable and portable and will scale to most browsers, allowing access by clients and cardholders on any smart device.

Client Access

Primary features of the client platform

  • Manage a company or organisation through building layers by association
  • Manage client cardholder groups with predefined rules, permissions and velocity limits for the cardholder
  • Access to and management of the integrated know your customer (KYC) process
  • Cardholder registration, maintenance and permissions
  • Manage additional cards to your employees
  • Manage funds using a Virtual Deposit account (Master Virtual Card)
  • Card loading
  • Management of additional or secondary cards

Cardholder Access

The web-based cardholder registration process automatically generates emails with the credentials needed to access the online card management portal.

The cardholder will have access to:

  • Review their data
  • Check their balance
  • View their transactions history
  • Manage their secondary card, if part of the program
  • Manage shared access to their portal
  • Manage email alerts

The platform is a customisable, permission-driven system, which can be fully tailored to suit your needs. For a more detailed understanding of how it works, contact us for an online demonstration.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC is a compulsory requirement for card issuance. If you have adequate KYC procedures, and upon proof and approval of the process, registration can be simplified.

Where electronic KYC is not possible, the relevant documentation is uploaded on Crunch and is integrated with a Manual check KYC specialist. The platform also provides full checks for PEPs (politically exposed persons) and sanctions, both during cardholder sign-up and on-going, i.e. your cardholders are checked daily against all updated lists.

Virtual Cards

A Crunch virtual card (Visa or Mastercard) offers all the same functionality as a physical card except for ATM or payment terminal access and without the fees costs of a plastic card! Crunch virtual cards make online payments fast, secure, simple and cost-effective. They are ideal for online sales incentives.

Fraud Protection

In our modern world, card fraud is more common and this terminology actually includes a wide-ranging of actions such as theft, fraud, money laundering, etc. To tackle this issue and protect our programs, Crunch implemented GPS Protect for all their programs.

GPS Protect is a tool designed to protect financial institutions and cardholders from fraudulent transactions or money laundering. The system works in near real time and based on transactional data checks and calculation, flag suspicious transactions or events that are predefined by our rules.

Using the performance monitoring capabilities of each transaction significantly reduces the financial risk of the bank. GPS Protect allows storing of any kind of authorization statistics, which can then be used to create rules and analysis of suspicious transactions. GPS Protect is a modern and continuously developing product, which allows Crunch to stay ahead of fraudsters.


For more information or to schedule a demo of the Crunch platform please either use the form or contact

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